Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl’s ‘Brand Vandals’ is a must-read

Graffiti artist

And that’s not just because I am mentioned in it. On page 98 of Brand Vandals, Stephen writes:

Next an email from Alex Singleton, an ex-broadsheet hack in the UK turned heavyweight corporate communicator, popped into my inbox. He’d spotted my tweets and… voluntarily joined my cause.

Brand Vandals book coverYou’ll have to read the book for the full story.

Nor is it because it’s given me an idea for my next trip:

Gold cards and platinum cards are a token of yesteryear’s corporate climber. If you want to get premium service today you need to get a TripAdvisor luggage tag. The TripAdvisor luggage tag says, ‘I’m active on social networks and a keen reviewer on’ It strikes fear into the heart of restaurateurs and hoteliers the world over. It guarantees good service and upgrades.

The book is a must read because the authors, perhaps for the first time, have understood the full extent of the reputational risk posed by social media – and explained in useful terms how organisations should be responding. There are lots of books on social media, many of which express pretty elementary thoughts. This one, however, provides important reading material for anyone working in corporate comms.