O’Dwyer’s PR, the New York-based trade title, reviews The PR Masterclass

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Fraser Seitel, one of America’s best-known PR advisers, has reviewed The PR Masterclass for O’Dwyer’s PR. He says:

In most people’s minds (including, importantly, those who pay public relations people), it is publicity — the ability to earn “endorsement” from an objective, unbiased, indifferent and neutral “third party” – that constitutes the essence of public relations.

That’s why it really is criminal that many people engaged in public relations don’t know the first thing about dealing with the media.

Finally, there is hope.

British daily journalist-turned public relations professional Alex Singleton has authored a new book, “The PR Masterclass,” which provides all you need to know about securing press coverage.

Author Singleton begins his treatise by dismissing the naive contention, fostered primarily by Facebook fanatics and Twit-wits, that the conventional media – principally those hoary daily newspapers – are dead. Nonsense, declares Singleton.

“What is actually happening is that much of it – especially the trade press and daily news – is moving online. That is not death; it is a change of format.”

He points out that many of the leading newspapers – among them, The New York Times, Washington Post, London Daily Mail and London Guardian – have a global daily readership that far surpasses their total print readers.

Singleton argues that most publicity attempts go awry because they are too “low level.”…