Digital marketing

John Lewis goes ‘digital first’, a reminder that branding is just part of the equation

The move to digital has been the most important business story for the past two decades. So it didn’t surprise me to hear John Lewis announce that it was to become “digital first”, despite the fact that it is best known for its brilliant shops, full of nice things and a good café. Its Oxford […]

Brand management

What does ITV’s advertising slogan ‘More than TV’ actually mean?

For a couple of years, ITV has been using the slogan “More than TV”. I see it on billboards advertising programmes and on a title card before programmes on the ITV Hub (ITV’s TV-on-demand service). But what does the phrase actually mean? A couple of friends tell me that it means the quality of the […]

Personal development

Unique selling proposition (USP): why a value proposition is better

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is an early concept in marketing from the 1950s. The USP was developed by Rosser Reeves, a leading advertising practitioner, and advocated in his book Reality in Advertising. It is often referred to as the unique selling point, although this is technically incorrect. Unique selling point vs value proposition The […]