Digital marketing

Stuart Bruce is right: blogging still matters in PR

Stuart Bruce, a prominent PR consultant and commentator, says that “has significantly helped” his career, but says that “some of the other early pioneers of blogging have recently written about whether blogs are still relevant”. For those with a message to promote, I’d say that blogging is more important than ever. Twitter and Facebook are fine for […]

Public relations

O’Dwyer’s PR, the New York-based trade title, reviews The PR Masterclass

Fraser Seitel, one of America’s best-known PR advisers, has reviewed The PR Masterclass for O’Dwyer’s PR. He says: In most people’s minds (including, importantly, those who pay public relations people), it is publicity — the ability to earn “endorsement” from an objective, unbiased, indifferent and neutral “third party” – that constitutes the essence of public relations. That’s why […]