I hate the word multifaceted. Corporate writers habitually add this piece of jargon to sentences for no clear reason – and PR people should stick well clear of it.

The word is supposed to refer to something with more than one facet. But I wonder if, in business memos and corporate brochures, it has literally no meaning – i.e. people are inserting it into sentences merely because of habit. Or because they think it sounds good it sounds impressive. (It doesn’t.) If you asked them to name the facets would they struggle and bluster and frantically try to invent some?

The term is certainly bad for readability. Here’s one example:

Our multifaceted graphic identity referenced Apollo’s multi asset concept, as well as the mythology behind the name.

Why not just “Our graphic identity”? Inserting multifaceted is likely to throw readers – they’ll stop reading to try to work out what the hell the multi-facets are. Alternatively, they’ll just click onto another website. Idiotic, or what?