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I’m a former journalist, who’s written for The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mail Online and a whole range of newsstand magazines over a 16 year period. And I’ve been on pretty much every important TV and news channel including BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, Newsnight, Sky News, and BBC radios 1-5 during my career.

The result? I instinctively know how to create a story that will interest the media – whether in print, online or for broadcast.

More recently, I’ve trained, coached or consulted for hundreds of firms large and small, such as Kellogg’s, AXA Insurance, HSBC and Harrods, charities such as the Joseph Rowntree Trust and AsthmaUK, plus governmental bodies such as UK Trade & Investment and the CPS.

Enjoy the site – there’s normally something new. And why not drop me a line and let me know your needs? I normally reply personally.

Biographical profile

Through consultancy and training, Alex Singleton works for FTSE100 companies and global brands – and has trained the staff of many of the largest public relations agencies. He is also a UK consultant for global campaigns.

Until 2011, he was a journalist at The Daily Telegraph. He has 16 years’ experience writing for newsstand publications, which have included The Guardian, The Daily Express and a wide range of IT titles – including as a Business Editor for the International Data Group, the world’s largest IT publisher.

Alex is a frequent commentator on the television and radio, and has appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight, the Today programme, The Moral Maze, World Business Report, Channel 4′s Ten O’Clock Live, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 News, and Sky News.

He was founder of the Globalisation Institute, which promoted enterprise-based solutions to poverty in poor countries. His research on microfinance was launched by David Cameron, while another report he authored was discussed in a sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was formerly the Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute, where he commissioned the first UK think tank report on the flat tax (which was flirted with by the now Chancellor).

He is an experienced public speaker, having spoken to audiences of up to 700 people, and has given testimony in House of Commons and House of Lords select committees.